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  • August 2015 Datalink releases NEXEDGE-Email/SMS application
  • August 2015 Datalink releases a Bus GPS tracking and ETA application
  • July 2014  Datalink launches special mixed solutions for municipalities
  • July 2014 Datalink adds Refrigerated Trailer remote control and monitoring
  • March 2014  Datalink launches Cloud based DataGate server
  • June 2013 Datalink adds ICOM IDAS compatibility to DataNET.
  • December 2012 Datalink releases NXlink a text messaging system designed for the Hotel and Plant Managment markets. NXlink provides a silent and fast method of communicating and assigning tasks to employees using Kenwood NEXEDGE Portable Radios which accept voice and "on screen" text messages.
  • November 2012DataGate software is now compatible with Marcotte Smart Systems for Ready-Mix producers over cellular or the Kenwood FleetSync or NEXEDGE network.
  • June 2012 DataGate is now compatible with MultiSpeak which is a common communications protocol used by the majority of Power Utilities. DataGate can process GPS tracking data between work trucks and host programs.
  • October 2011 Datalink releases the next generation DataGate IP routing software with WebGate remote administration.
  • September 2011 Datalink develops GPS tracking interface for Kenwood P25 mobile radios.
  • July 2011 Datalink integrates Kenwood NEXEDGE mobile radios with its DataGate IP routing host software.
  • April 2011 Datalink i50's successfully deployed in open pit mining sites in Surinam (South America) networks are Iridium Satellite & GSM.
  • March 2011 Datalink develops email and text messaging interface for Kenwood NX portable radios, allowing more efficient operations for hotel and hospital staff.
    Datalink developed custom software for the US State Department for use with P25 radios (GPS tracking).
  • April 2010 Datalink developed custom applications for the US Department of Justice (Specialized Operations) for covert tracking.

Last updated August 09, 2015